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Compare Buying A Copier And Leasing A Copier


It is not necessary a person has to buy a product when there is a need. He can also lease it for a particular time alone. Recently we leased our new office copier. In fact, there are many pros and cons in both the methods and here are some of the points that provide information about leasing and buying a copier for an office. When the copier is leased, the amount spent will be very less when compared to buying an own copier. There will be no acquisition cost. If the person is able to get new equipment for lease, then he is very lucky and in case, if there is any problem in the machine, it can be informed to the owner so that he will repair or replace it accordingly.

When there is a new model of copier introduced in the market as soon as the lease time is over the old machine can be replaced. The main disadvantage of this leasing technique is there will be no ownership for the product. When it comes to purchasing the copier, the prime advantage is the person will get ownership to the product. There will be no extended obligation. When it comes to the disadvantage, the first one is the high initial cost. As the technology develops, it will not be possible to change the equipment immediately.

Before taking any machine for lease, it is essential to check the product properly. Make sure the place where the product is going to be got from is in the field for a very long time. In fact, it will be a very good idea to get referrals or recommendations before selecting a buying or leasing shop. Have a look at the pocket and the usage of the copier and then make the final decision. Do not be in haste.