5 Simple Tips And Trick That Can Save You On Shipping Charges


For a small or medium size e-commerce business owner, one of the costliest parts is shipping. They are always on the lookout for ways to reduce shipment charges. The hard part is finding one courier service that takes cares of your products and charges a low fee. The answer to this ever wondered question is no. The best way to stop shipping charges from piling up is to use different services. The best way to do so is use services like eShipper in Canada. Such mail services work with most trusted names like UPS and FedEx to ensure your package reaches the customer safe and sound.
If the business ships within the country, then keep in mind that all standard shipping is generally free as it says on https://bookstore.gpo.gov/customer-service/usa-shipping. But not all customers reside within one nation. Google analytics has shown that the customer base of any e-commerce site is worldwide now. To save on shipping charges, in such cases, one can use some simple tips and tricks. Some save you money right away because they can be implemented right away while others require a bit of hard work from your side.
• If the product that you sell is less than two pounds in weight, then do not use services like FedEx and UPS. The Post Office is the best avenue for such packages. But if the weight of the shipment is more than 2 pounds, then it is advised to use a FedEx account. They turn out to be cheaper in the long run.
• Another easy way to save up on fees is to make an account online. Just go to the website of the courier service you want to use like www.ups.com and create an account. This will allow you to print a label at home or your business rather than at the actual UPS store. Shipping from the store without an account adds up to 50% to the cost.
• Printing the label and pre-paying the package is just one way to make shipping charges less. Another is to ship the product to a commercial or a business address instead of a home address. Private courier services like UPS charge more for residential packages.
• Packaging is another area where you can save. A correctly packed product will be smaller in size and lesser in weight. This can reduce the cost considerably. So, try to look for boxes that fit the product like a glove. Use a lighter weight filling material like packing peanuts. Newspaper and other materials will only add to the total mass of the product.
• Along with better packing comes the task of being accurate on the size and weight of the parcel. The more precise you are in the description and weight of the box, the more you save by never underestimating the shipping charge you need to add to your customer’s bill.
For each business, the requirement will be different. Therefore, it is advised to use courier service that best fits your needs. Another recommendation is not to stick to a single shipping service.

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