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Choosing the Right Footwear for Injury Prevention

best shoes for supination

It is important for an athlete to wear proper footwear so that he can prevent his injuries on various parts of the body. This can also improve his performance as an athlete. He can feel comfortable while wearing the right footwear. During sports activities, the actual weight of the person gets distributed to the feet, ankle, knees, etc. The extra pressure given can be the reason for the injury. There are various types of sports shoe available in the market. The best shoes for supination avoid the excess supination caused. The website has published several blogs on the importance of choosing the right footwear to prevent injury.
The write-up below talks about the types of footwear available in the market for the use of athletes so that they can feel comfortable during the various sports activities. It also offers specific tips on choosing the right footwear for sports people.

Types Of Sports Shoes
There are various types of athletic shoes or sports shoes available in the market. The most popular footwear is the running shoes.

Running shoes: This shoe is designed for athletes who are expected to run for a long time. The footwear is structured so that the athlete does not put his extra pressure on the feet. This shoe can be categorized into three types based on the structure of the athlete’s feet.
An athlete with a high arch and rigid feet can make use of neutral shoes. Athletes with this foot structure are called as supinator. Runners who are pronators can make use of the stability shoes. This shoe is the perfect choice for people with flat feet. The motion control offered in the shoe helps for the stability of the athlete. It is also important that you replace your running shoes regularly based on the usage.

You need to determine your foot type before you choose a running shoe of your own. Check for your footprint, if the footprint is wide and flat then you may have a pronated foot. If your footprint does not contain the inside of the foot, then this is because the arch did not touch the ground. Thus you’re a supinator.

Barefoot Running Shoes: Running without shoes is gaining popularity as this may avoid various injuries. Barefoot running shoes offer only protection against sharp objects but do not contain any support for your feet.

Cross Trainer: This type of shoe can be used when an athlete switches his sports activity often.

Court shoe: This type of shoe is used for sports people who are playing games like basketball, tennis, badminton, etc.

Hiking shoes: Hiking shoes are used to walk on uneven surfaces. Hikers use this type of shoes.

Tips To Find Right Athletic Shoe
· You need to purchase your sports shoe in the store which offers items related to your sport.
· Ensure there is a gap of say half an inch between the toe and the tip of the shoe.
· When you try a sports shoe walk around to check if it is comfortable.
· Try both left and right shoes for perfect fit.
· There should be enough space in the front of your toes so that you do not feel cramped.

The above article would be useful for an athlete to pick proper footwear and avoid various types of injuries.