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When Do You Need A Dental Crown?


The structure of your tooth is divided into two parts- root and crown. For a person with healthy bone and gums, the root is covered by bone and the gums. The tooth part that is visible on the lower teeth of your mouth over the gum line and beneath the gum line on upper teeth is known as the clinical crown. A dental crown is a cemented restoration that partly or wholly covers the outer surface of the clinical crown.

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You need to restore the teeth using the dental crown for various reasons. Some of the common reasons are explained below.

When cavity or fracture that covers half or more than half of the width of your tooth, then it should be covered using the crown. The balance tooth around the large filling is very weak and it is high prone to fracture. When you have large filling for a long period, then you require crown because the tooth has the sign of stress and crack.

Sometimes root canal treatment requires you to do a crown. The root canal treatment results in hollowed out and predisposes the balance tooth to crack. To avoid fracturing because of root canal treatment, the crown is done immediately.

The third reason is cracked tooth syndrome the cracks or fractures inside the tooth gives pain when you chew foods in a certain way. Chewing brings more pain and stress on the fracture lines. Crown helps to hold the teeth together and distributes the pain evenly to all the teeth and removes the pain in most situations. You can wear a temporary crown to prevent the pain permanently and thus never require root canal treatment anymore.

The next reason is frequently broken cusps because of large fillings or trauma. Cusps are referred to the tooth part that undergoes more stress because of chewing and the filling fractures the tooth. At some circumstances, the tooth breaks up to the bone and you need crown lengthening procedure to cure it.

Excessive wear of teeth for a person results in crown requirement. If you used to grind your teeth often, then your teeth become shorter over time. It can also wear down because of the acid erosion of gastrointestinal acid reflux, bulimia, or acidic diet. Based on the extent of the wear, sometimes the enamel is damaged completely leaving only tiny small teeth. As years passed by, you will get a bad bite and the only method to restore it is by improving your bite and covering the teeth by crowns.

Crown is also required when your teeth have unacceptable appearance because of shape, color, and spaces in between teeth etc. To improve the appearance of the front look of the teeth Dental veneers are the effective treatment.

The preparation of crown varies from based on the material the crown and earlier fillings, root canal therapy, fractures done on your tooth.